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First-order filter for passive audio crossovers.
Band-pass filter with slope of 6 dB per octave.

Scheme part of audio crossovers, band pass 6dB per octave.

It calculates the components values of a band pass filter for a passive audio crossovers.
Normally used for three-way speakers, the band pass is the central way who supplies the transducer for reproduce the middle frequency (midrange).
If speaker has more than three ways, all central ways can be filtered with band pass filters.

Data input

F1 - Cutoff frequency (low):

Hz (mm)

F2 - Cutoff frequency (high):

Hz (mm)

Nominal impedance of the transducer:


Wait calculate.
Capacitor value C1 µF
Inductor value L1 mH

It sees also : Common information for components of a cross-over.

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