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Signal generator in low frequency.

Are you really sure that the equipment you are using exactly reproduces the audio signal? Or which has no great deficiencies, vibrations, resonances or distortions?

Sinusoidal waves generator.

Square waves generator.

Triangular waves generator.



White noise generator.

Pink noise generator.

Spectrum of the audio signal generated:

Sweep generator

Initial and final frequencies:



Scan time:







For what you can use it and other informations:

Sinusoidal wave generator.

With right equipment:
It is useful to measure the power, almost every kind of distortion, clipping level and the symmetry. It is the wave form with the minor harmonic content and it has got a soft sound.
Without equipment:
You can find out the resonance of the objects in your listening room, you can check by ear the linearity of the amplifier and of the loudspeakers or of the equipment which you are using.
Especially for loudspeakers it can be useful to find and delete the vibrations, or it can be used for the trial stage of new speakers (in particular woofers).

Square wave generator.

With right equipment:
It gives clear indications on the velocity of an amplifier (slew rate) and on the frequency response. The square wave is the most important wave form for the instrumental verification of the amplifier stages.
Without equipment:
If you would like to create distress to the final stage of an amplifier, or a power supplier, a woofer, this is the fairest wave form. It has an higher energetic content than the other wave forms. BE CAREFUL to not exaggerate, a lot of equipments are not able to manage for long time and at the maximum power this wave form.

Triangular wave generator.

With right equipment:
This is the fairest wave form to view the crossover distortion.
Without equipment:
It has not particular uses but it could help to reveal by ear some defects which with other wave forms are not possible to distinguish.

White noise and pink noise generators.

White noise:
The white noise is made by a set of frequency generated in casual way, uniformly distributed on all the audio spectrum.
While level is constant the most of the energy is concentrated on the higher octaves because every octave has got a frequency field equal to the lower ones.
It is particularly useful to try the installation of the loudspeakers, both on the domestic system than in the audio diffusion systems aimed to the public.
Pink noise:
With pink noise, the energy is divided in equal way on every octaves. This condition correspond to the characteristics of the human ear and so make up an alternative test to using the white noise.

Sweep generator.

With right equipment:
This function is used to reveal the frequency response both in anechoic chamber and in normal ambient.
Respect to the use of white noise, the sweep generator highlights the phase cancellations due to reflections in the listening room.
Without equipment:
Scanning at high level the most difficult frequencies for the listening room (30 - 1000 Hz) is possible to find resonances and detrimental vibrations.

The diapason.

It is useful to tune instrument by ear, in fact a trained ear playing at the same time the diapason and the instrument can recognize the beats and the phase shift resulting from the merging of the two audio signal.
In this case it can also be used to create sinusoidal signal at any frequency within the audible audio spectrum.

The quality.

The quality and the precision of the output signal depends on the audio card which you are using.
The signals are generated in a numerical way, the distortion, the harmonics content and the emitted frequency depends on the audio hardware of the equipment you are using. There are external audio cards with professional features which allows performances as a measure laboratory.


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If you would like to help us, please notice us functioning defects stating browser, the operating system and the used equipment.

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