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Calculation volume of tanks, reservoirs, silos or other containers of different shapes.

Examples of computable containers

This app is developed to calculate the volume of tanks for storage of different shapes.

Almost every different shapes available, allow to obtain the volume at an intermediate height (at the indicated level).
For containers of complex shape is possible to calculate separately the section similar to the available and then sum the volumes obtained.

Horizontal cylindrical container Circolare orizzontale
- Cyindrical
- Flat bottom

Cylindrical, conical, truncated cone container Vertical cylindrical
- Cylindrical
- Truncated cone
- Conical
- Flat bottom

Parallelepiped, pyramid, trucated pyramid container Rectangular or squared
- Parallelepiped
- Truncated pyramidal (obelisk)
- Pyramidal
- Flat bottom

Sphere container Spherical

Elliptic, ellipsoidal container Elliptic

Useful diameter . . . D


Useful diameter . . . D1


Useful diameter . . . D2


Useful length . . . L


Useful width (lower) . . . W1


Useful Depth (lower) . . . P1


Useful width (higher) . . . W2


Useful depth (higher) . . . P2


Useful height . . . H


Optional parameter for calculation of the intermediate volume.

Intermediate level . . . h


Waiting for calculation
Total volume l (dm3)
Volume at the indicated level . . . h l (dm3)

Not only tanks for liquid.
The available shapes allow to use the application also for different scopes, such as calculate the volume of a pile of sand or gravel (cone or pyramid pointing upwards), a load of bulk on a truck (parallelepiped) etc...

Complex shapes.
The complex shapes are evaluable dividing them with the available options and then summing to obtain the total volume.

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