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Pressure drop in generic pipeline.

Hydraulic generic pipeline

It calculates the pressure drop (or dynamic pressure drop) of a piece of pipe with constant section.
For circuits composed of multiple traits in series with different sections is necessary calculate them separately and sum the results related to each section.

Data input
Pipe characteristic.

Selection of pipe kind

Absolute roughness of the inner wall

Wait roughness value.


Selection of pipe dimensions

Wait pipe dimensions.
The outer diameter is used for the definition of the ratio R/D, not is used to calculate the pressure drop and is not checked.

Pipe dimensions

Øe (mm)

Øi (mm)

Velocity of the fluid.

Required flow rate

Zone for special applications.
To obtain low pressure drop, low noise in case of long pipelines, or viscous fluids with a viscosity very variable, in order to limit the pressure surges (water hammer).
Zone for generic applications.
Installations for civil, irrigation, waterworks, industrial plants of transfer, cooling systems or heating.
Zone for special applications.
Transfer sludge, transport fluids with particles in suspension, high pressure systems, economic systems, short sections of piping.
Fluid characteristics.

Kind of fluid

Working temperature of the fluid

Wait fluid temperatures


Viscosity of the fluid



Density of the fluid


Circuit components.
Rectilinear pipeline.

Rectilinear pipe length


Angle joint.

Angle joints


Elbow joint.

90º elbow joint


Bend with big radius.

Bend with big radius


Ratio R/D

R (mm)

Wait calculate

Fluid velocity in the pipe m/s
Relative roughness in the inner wall r/d
Reynolds number
Friction coefficient (Colebrook White)
Resultant dynamic pressure drop kg/cm2

Joint with an R/D ratio higher than the maximum avaiable can be neglected (add the development of the joint on the length of the pipe).

For angle joints are meant joints with not started fluid (without coving).

For 90 degrees joints are meant the elbow joints.

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