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Index of Electrotechnics section

Short circuit monophase lines

Short circuit in mono-phase lines.

Correct sizing of the protection of a monophase power line.

Electrical cabinets

Dissipation in free air of electrical cabinets.

To calculate when heat can dissipate in natural way an electrical cabinets or other container.

Forced ventilation of electrical cabinets

Forced ventilation of electrical cabinets.

A container with exhaust fan air can dissipate more heat, with this application you can determine how much heat is extracted from the fan itself.

Located power factor correction scheme

Power factor correction of electrical systems monophase and three-phase lines.

Calculates the reactive power necessary to rephase a load, can be used for both the centralized power factor correction for the power factor correction distributed.

Uninsulated conductor

Temperature of a conductor in free air subjected to electric current.

To determine the steady-state temperature of a uninsulated cables subjected to electric current.

Electric motors

Calculation parameters of electric or not electric motors.

Use this app for an easy calculation of values about motors starting from other known values such as output torque, power or absorption.

Sketch mono-phase supplying motor

Power supplying a three-phase motor with mono-phase alternating current.

If you do not want to use an inverter you can install a phase-shifting capacitor sized up with this application.

Pb Accumulator

The lead-sulfuric acid accumulator.

Here you find most important informations and technical data to use correctly the lead accumulators.