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Forced ventilation (cooling) for electrical cabinets.

Electrical cabinet with forced air extraction

Calculate the quantity of heat extracted by an electric-fan from a cabinet containing electrical and electronic equipments.

Data input

Maximum ambient temperature


Maximum internal temperature


Flow rate of the extractor fan


Help for fan.

Some examples of air flows:

Fan typeW x H (mm)m3/h
Axial40 x 409.7
60 x 6021
80 x 8050
92 x 9280
119 x 119130
127 x 127250
172 x 172305
Centrifugal15 x 519.6
33 x 9356
127 x 11780
115 x 159200
253 x 83115
329 x 83173
395 x 83200
Wait calculate
Maximum extracted power W
Equivalent thermical extracted power kcal

Notes. The quantity of extracted air indicated must refers to the real, considering the pressure drop of the suction section which, being generally composed by a filter, worsens with time.

If You don't have the characteristic curve of the fan is acceptable half the nominal flow rate indicated by the constructor, it may be farther reduced caused by the pressure drop, expecially if we're talking about fan with low pressure head (e.g. axial fan).

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