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Calculation of not commercial capacitor or realized directly on PCB.

Capacitors stratified or on PCB

It calculates the capacity of a capacitor realized with the dielectric and the costructive parameters choosen.
Realize a capacitor can be useful in those applications where a commercial does not exist, normally it is the particular case of high voltage or capacitor realized on PCB, this case treats of little capacity used in high frequency circuit.

Data input
Characteristics of the used dielectric

Kind of dielectric (insulator)

Medium dielectric constant

Wait parameters

Medium dielectric rigidity
(perforation voltage)


Notes on perforation voltage

Physical data

Dielectric thickness


Surface of an element (if stratified)
Total surface (if winded)


Number of element in parallel

n. (only one if winded)

Wait calculate

Total capacity pF
Dielectric voltage perforation V

Notes on dielectric.
Do not reach the perforation voltage, better if it is three times the peack-to-peak working voltage of the same capacitor. For some dielectric such as gas or other materials with an high moisture content, make the thickness higher does not correspond to a proportional increase of the perforation voltage, being impossible manage without the recorded parameters of any dielectric at any thickness, it is treated in linear way, for the dielectrics on the list is necessary realize some experimental prototype to obtain more accurate data.

The dielectric constant always refers to a frequency, normally 1 MHz, because some dielectrics have a different behaviour at different frequencies, also in this case the moisure contained in the same dielectric has effect on the variation of dielectricity to different frequency.

Notes on temperature.
When capacitor must dissipate important quantity of thermic energy is necessary value the used material, plastics for example, make them weaker at relative low temperature making closer the conductive layers, conseguently the perforation voltage decreases.

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