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Resonant frequency of a L-C circuit.

With this application with free unknown is possible to obtain :

The unknown value is free, it can be any of the three.
Every input and output values can be express with any avaible measure units.

At the resonant frequency, we've got the minor resistance of the circuit, the value of the resistance at the resonant frequency depends on Q of the circuit.
The highest Q is obtained with capacitor C and parasitic capacitance minor as possible.
The Q factor determines also the bandwidth, with elevated Q we obtain close curve of resonance, with low Q we obtain large curve of resonance.

Resonant frequency (L, C or Rf unknown).

Select the value to obtain:

L unknown
C unknown
Fr unknown
Resonant L-C circuit

Inductance value . . . L

Capacitor value . . . C

Resonant frequency . . . Fr

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Some examples :

Examples of resonant circuits.

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