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PCB trace width calculation.

Double-Sided PCB

Calculates the maximum current applicable in continuous at the tracks of fiberglass PCB based on the choosed operative parameters.
PCB are the base of all electronic equipments such as TVs, monitors, amplifiers, power supplies, printers, computers, measuring instruments etc...

A good dimensioning of tracks is important for behaviour and for the life of electronic equipments, in special case of significative currents.

Data input
Thickness of track (highlighted the most common thickness).


Track width.


Operative temperature of circuit.


Overtemperature additional accepted by the track.


Wait calculate
Section of the track mm2
Maximum applicable current A
Track of the temperature °C
Specific resistance of the track
at the working temperature
ohm cm
Specific voltage drop of the track at
the working temperature and at the maximum indicated
mV cm


One of the most frequently problem is the high working temperature that in the long run cause the detatchment of the tracks by the support, then the vibrations of the components connected broke the thin copper layer causing the interruption of the circuit.

On the contrary of what can seem, also the voltage drops, also if they're only of mV, are to keep in attention, in an amplifier circuit they can create voltage loop, reducing the S/N ratio or cause auto-waving that you can't remove.
That's the reason of the special configuration of the professional circuit that use one only connection point for all the connected circuit.

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