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Heatsink in free air.

Commercial and not commercial heatsink for electronics

Calculates the dissipated power by a commercial or not commercial heatsink with variable dimensions and shape, valid for heatsinks without forced ventilation.

Data input
Maximum ambient temperature expected.


Maximum work temperature of the heatsink.


Physical characteristics.

Vertical surface exposed


Horizontal surface exposed


Material and surface finish

Compact heatsink (irradiation compensation).
IR compensation factor


Wait calculate
Thermal resistance of the heat sink °C/W
Maximum power dissipable W


The bad dimensioning of heatsinks is one of the main causes of breakdown or reduced duration for electronical devices for civil and industrial use.
It is very common to find televisions, monitors, hi-fi amplifiers, switching power supplies, printers, computers or any other device with components (transistors, MOSFETs, ICs or resistors) that in summer are working with 100 °C or higher with the sure result of failure after many fewer hours compared to other well-dimensioned equipments.

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Applications for thermal dissipation.

Heatsink in free air
Heatsinks on PCB
Heatsink with forced circulation
Dissipation for cabinets
Forced ventilation
for cabinets