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Description In Unit Out
kilograms per square meter kg/m²
kilograms per square decimeter kg/dm²
tecnichal atmosphere, kilog. per sq. centimet. at, kg/cm²
kilograms per square millimeters kg/mm²
standard international atmosphere atm
millibar mbar
bar bar
pound per square inch psi, lb/in²
pound per square foot psf, lb/ft²
tons per square foot tsf, t/ft²
meters of water m H2O, m CE, mca
millimeters of water mm H2O, mm WS
inch of water, inch water column inH2O, inch WC
giga pascal (gigapascal) GPa
mega pascal, newton per square millimeters MPa, N/mm²
newton per squared centimeters N/cm², N/cmq
kilo pascal (kilopascal), kilonewton square m. kPa, kN/m², kN/mq
hecto pascal (hectopascal) hPa
deca newton (decanewton) per square meter daN/m²
pascal, newton per square meter Pa, N/m², N/mq
millimeters of mercury Torr, mm Hg
inch of mercury in Hg
inch of water in H2O
foot of water ft H2O
baria, barye, dyne per square centimeters baria, dyn/cm²
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