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Description In Unit Out
Vickers 30 HV
Brinel (3000 kg - ball 10 mm) HB
Rockwell (60 kg - diamond) HRA
Rockwell (100 kg - ball 1/16) HRB
Rockwell (150 kg - diamond) HRC
Rockwell (100 kg - diamond) HRD
Rockwell superficial (15 kg - diamond) 15N
Rockwell superficial (30 kg - diamond) 30N
Rockwell superficial (45 kg - diamond) 45N
Shore HS (ball 1/16) HS
Knoop HK
Tensile strength, newton per square millimeter Rm (N/mm², MPa)

Hardness scale example graph. Notes:
All conversions are calculated on a series of known values, every measure unit of hardness available has a range of admitted value, out of this range will be given an error.

The viewed error when an input or output value is too short or too big for the range of the measure unit choosen is:
input range err for the input value,
output range err for the output value.

Both cases is necessary change the hardness scale or check if the value is admissible for the choosen scale.

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