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Description In Unit Out
square meters per second m²/s
Stokes (CGS system) St
centiStokes (CGS system), centiPoise cSt, mm²/s, cP
Engler degrees °E
Saybolt Universal SSU
Saybolt Furol SSF
Redwood 1 Seconds (standard) SRW 1
coppa Ford n.4 Ford n.4
Poise - dynamic viscosity P

Notes on conversions
Not all conversions of these units are valid for any value, some of them have been in its time created by the authors (eg Ford) in an empirical way, others can not be translated on all possible values, others can only be used to 'interior of a certain window because the conversion functions are not able to correctly follow the trend of all the values.

Engler degrees : Valid if more than 5, indicative 1 to 5.

Saybolt Universal : Valid if more than 90.

Saybolt Furol : Valid if more than 100, indicative 15 to 100.

Redwood 1 Seconds : Valid if more than 75.

coppa Ford n.4 : Valid if more than 111, indicative 18.7 to 111.

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